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A Comprehensive Guide to End-to-End-Declarative Deployment with Terraform and Nix - 2022-09-19
Express your entire production pipeline in code; build, provision, and deploy to EC2 with a single command.
tags: nix terraform declarative deployment tutorial aws ec2
Calligraphy tutorial - 2022-04-26
Tutorial for calligraphy, a Haskell source code visualizer.
tags: calligraphy haskell tutorial
Capturing non-determinism by salting derivations - 2021-12-01
Adding a salt allows you to capture non-reproducibility, and make poorly-behaved derivations nicer to work with.
tags: nix salt derivation benchmark reproducibility
Algebraic data types and pattern matching in Nix - 2021-11-08
Three ways of implementing algebraic data types and pattern matching in Nix, and when to choose which.
tags: nix haskell purescript adt pattern matching
Managing secrets with agenix - 2021-07-27
A practical guide on securely managing and deploying secrets with agenix
tags: nix agenix secrets cryptography age
Parsing a programming language - 2021-05-16
I recently rewrote the parser for my programming language – twice. Here are some of the things I learned along the way.
tags: parse parsing parsec megaparsec happy alex language haskell
The working programmer’s guide to setting up Haskell projects - 2021-01-28
How to set up a Haskell project using Haskell.nix
tags: haskell nix project cabal hls
Monoidal Puzzle Solving - 2020-05-26
Solve Sudokus and other puzzles by monoidally composing rules
tags: haskell backtracking solver sudoku miracle monoid n queens
The Descriptor - 2020-05-10
Add metadata to record fields, work with higher-kinded data without resorting to Generics and Template Haskell, write safe and efficient FFI code
tags: descriptor hkd effective haskell